Low budget car rig - mini-post

First test I’ve been working on a short film together with a group of actors who are producing it independently, out of their own pockets. This means that the budget for the film was in the lower (or non-existent) micro budget range. We had a scene taking place in a car that cross-cut with another scene at a hospital. I wanted to get the scene inside the car to be something more dynamic than just sitting in the passenger seat and shooting the driver, but since there was no real budget to speak of, getting a grip or any sort of “real” car rig was out of the question. [Read More]

Lighting breakdown - music video

The Soul Exchange - Vow of Seth

The Video Before we get into the details, I figure you might be interested in seing the results. Take a look and continue reading below when you’re finished! Introduction I’ve always appreciated reading about how things are actually done behind the scenes, so it seems just right that I would share my own experiences and thoughts when going about a project. I will do a breakdown of four scenes from the music video and give you my thoughts on how and why we chose to light this way. [Read More]